Kiteboarding Cocoa Beach Florida
Kiteboarding Cocoa Beach, Florida
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Kiteboarding Central Florida- Central Florida has some of the best Kitesurfing spots in the state. Many argue that it is the best Kiteboarding locations in Florida because there is every kind of riding. The area can offer great surf for wave riding, flat water slicks, long downwinders, exclusive boat access launches and warm weather. You can't find a better place to take Lessons. Check out our PHOTO GALLERY to see what we mean. There is a spot to ride for just about every wind direction in short drive. The temperature can vary depending on the time of year and wind direction. The Winter is full of chilly North to Northeast winds that bring large waves in the ocean and great flat water in the intracoastal waterways. A full suit should be enough to keep you warm. You may want to invest in some warm gloves as well for the winter months.  The rest of the year, the temperature is fairly warm and full of onshore seabreezes and strong southeast winds. Sometimes back door fronts can bring strong west winds.  The Banana River around Cocoa Beach and the Space Coast offers some of the best conditions in Florida. Spots that rival Hatteras and the Outer Banks can be found around the islands and causeways of this area. Cocoa Beach is probably the best spot on the East Coast to take lessons and is a quick drive from Orlando. The Banana River is not the traditional "river". It is a large SHALLOW lagoon that lies between Cape Canaveral and Merritt Island in Brevard County in the United States. It is part of the Indian River Lagoon system and connects at its south end to the Indian River.  Cocoa Beach is also known as "Orlando's Closest Beach! If you are looking for lessons or equipment...Call 321.252.KITE (5483)

Listed below are some of the main Kiteboarding Spots in the Central Florida Area.

*** This information is listed to assure safe and responsible riding/launching in the area. PLEASE BE RESPECTFUL AND SAFE WHEN RIDING AT THESE SPOTS. You should always talk to a local Kitesurfer who knows the area and can evaluate the conditions before going out. This website is no substitute for experience. It is meant as supplement to Lessons, Local Advice, Respect and Common Sense. Ride Safely and have Fun!***

Kiteboarding Cape Canaveral's Cherie Down Park

Wind Directions: Good from ENE, NE, E to SSE, SE, S winds.

Kiteboarding Cocoa Beach's 520 Slick

Wind Directions: Good from anything with N, NNW to W wind component. Do NOT ride any South component here despite what others are doing.

Kiteboarding Cape Canaveral's Manatee Park

Wind Directions: Best for SW winds. Good for S, SSW, W, and NW.
Kiteboarding Cocoa Beach's 5th St South

Wind Directions: Good from ENE, NE, E to SSE, SE, S winds.
Kiteboarding Playalinda Beach: Cape Canaveral National Seashore

Wind Directions: N, NNW, NNE, ENE, E, ESE
Kiteboarding Patrick's Airforce Base: Cocoa Beach



Wind Directions: NONE

Melbourne Area

Kiteboarding Crack Park (aka Scurrah's Landing)

Wind Directions: mainly from the ENE, E, SE, SSE

Kiteboarding Eau Gallie Causeway - Melbourne, FL

Wind Directions: NW, NNW, Winds ONLY. Winds can be gusty.

Kiteboarding Fifth Avenue Beach- Melbourne, FL

Wind Directions: N, NE, SE, S.